Frequently asked Questions about paintball

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about paintball. However, if you do not see the answer to your questions please call us and we get all of your questions answered.

Do paintballs hurt?

We understand that everyone’s pain tolerance is different. While there is an initial sting when you first get hit it typically goes away very quickly. Players age 10 and up have been enjoying paintball at the Siege since 2002. We do also offer low impact paintball for those with lower tolerance to pain.

Why choose paintball?

Paintball is a fun and competitive activity.  Compared to other activities it is a great way to burn off some extra energy. Players will learn to use strategy, communication, hand-eye coordination, and much more while playing. 

How does it work?
Book your party online using the “Book Now” button, or if you have questions prior to booking you can call us at (262) 363-9735. Next, fill out your waiver online, if you have not done so this year.  If you are just looking to play walk on, there is no booking necessary. Come out to play during any of our walk on hours.  When you arrive, check in at the front desk and we will walk you through everything from there. We will then point you to the staging area and the ref that will be overseeing your games.
What should I wear?

We always recommend dressing in layers because we offer play year round, as your body heats up from running around during play you can simply choose to remove some of the layers.  Typically we recommend wearing clothing that you would wear to play outside in the yard.  If you are worried about the clothes we do offer coveralls.

Does paint wash out?

Yes! This is also a reason the Siege is field paint only.  All of our paint is water based and will wash out in a normal cycle of laundry. 

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor?

The biggest difference between indoor and outdoor play will be the field choices. Outdoor offers many more choices of fields to play on, from airball to woods. Indoor is going to be airball only, layed out on turf.  Additionally, during the colder and poor weather conditions indoor play will be the most popular as the field is covered and heated. 

What is the minimum age?

The age minimum is 10 years and older for standard paintball, and 8 and older for low-impact paintball private parties.

Who will I be playing with?

Private parties will play ONLY with the people in their party. Walk on play will be a vast mix of players of all ages and experience levels. Each game will consist of different teams and the ref will always ensure that the teams are split up fairly. 

Can we play outside after dark?

No, the outside fields are NOT lighted. All play will be indoors after dark.